ARMEZ- Girls leading Live-Action-Sports

ARMEZ- Girls leading Live-Action-Sports

The world of first-person shooting is divided into two very sordid scenarios: one is when glorious men use real bullets on the battlefield and the other is when boys plug in their X-boxes and play online. Well that was the case, now you can experience your favorite combat shooting games live without risking getting shot!

Armez is a startup-turned-business that was founded by four leading ladies of NED University of Engineering and Technology – Nimra Idrees Fazil, Ramla Kaleem Shah, Sheena and Tehniat Hasan Khan mentored by Dr. Muhammad Khurram. They have already replaced the paintball shooting at Arena and broken more stereotypes than any other startup on our list.

Here are few of the reasons why Armez is so exceptional as a startup and a team.

1. Combat Games Are For Boys- Remember when you thought only men played with the big guns? Never seen a girl play and win Counter-Strike? This startup puts a stop to much of the stereotyping that girls and women face especially when it comes to technology and combat games. Given the opportunity girls are just as good at being strategists of first person shooting game. Not only that, apparently they can create their own live action sports and brilliantly turn it into a brand!


2. The Startup Industry is dominated by Software Products- There is a great deal of truth to that and yes the boom in software solutions and technology are an extremely welcome change in the local industry, but Armez has shown there is more than enough room for electronics, mechanical and hardware merchandise. They have broken a proverbial barrier here and displayed how even the most monopolized of markets can shift in the face of pure talent.

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3. Laser Tag? Nope! Armez developed it on their own- Yes, we all know laser tag has existed for years but it has not been introduced in the markets of Pakistan. At least not successfully and despite its worldwide success, it didn’t take roots in Karachi. Armez did not import any costly technology, they worked for years on this product first as their Final Year Project and then as a startup. Their commitment to the cause shows in the product they have delivered to the market.


4. The Price Tag on Entertainment- Unlike many popular sports that get imported, laser tag from Armez doesn’t cost you a fortune. And it is available to the wider public at Arena at an affordable price.


5. It’s not just a laser tag game, it’s a useful sport- You are perhaps too young to remember when the National Cadet Corps was an essential part of training students in the art of self-defense. Armez has managed to return us back to those times for youngsters, adults, men and women alike where people can engage in physical activities that sharpen their reflexes. This is by far the biggest stereotype they have managed to break, by making people realize games can be fun and make you proactive.

The Armez Experience:


You will don a stunning, highly customized black jacket that will carry your health levels and an electronic gun to shoot with. Maneuver across a dangerous path to shoot light rays at your opposing teams and brace yourself for the onslaught of cross-fire, all the while experiencing some very real sound effects. You can keep track of the number of bullets you have remaining, your health levels and feel every hit you take via vibrations. Play till the last of your enemies drop dead!

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Armez is a start-up aimed at training individuals in the art of self-defense and practicing shooting all in the name of having fun. If you want to leave behind your couch-potato status and become a real shooter, now is your chance.

To learn more about Armez, visit their website over here:

Or Read Exclusive Interviews of its C0-Founder over here:

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