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Meet your Friendly Neighborhood Gender-Less Alien!

  The modeling and fashion industry has always been a whirlwind of beautiful colors and gender-queer expressions. Men are striving to look more masculine and women are constantly aiming for more feminine features, or at least that’s we thought before non-binary and transgender folk took to the stage and ushered us into an incomprehensibly more […]

Standing Still For The Camera! Photos of Dead People!

During the Victorian Era, Photography had just begun as this new beautiful medium to capture life. But some trends of the 18th and 19th century are truly disturbing and morbid, despite their fascinating histories. People would often take pictures of their relatives after their death as a memorial. Wikimedia Commons Pictures of children made to […]

Love Vs Lust: Which is it?

A lot of people are confused, are they in love or what they have with a significant other purely physical? There are many tell tale signs of lust and love and here is how you can clear up any confusion about the latest romance in life. 1. How long have you been together? If you […]