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Meet your Friendly Neighborhood Gender-Less Alien!

  The modeling and fashion industry has always been a whirlwind of beautiful colors and gender-queer expressions. Men are striving to look more masculine and women are constantly aiming for more feminine features, or at least that’s we thought before non-binary and transgender folk took to the stage and ushered us into an incomprehensibly more […]

When Tampons Can Be Deadly!

  Every time you go and buy a box of tampons, you would see there are warning on the box about the Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS. This bacterial infection can be caused by tampon use if the Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria gets deep into bodily tissue and begins attacking internal organs. Wikimedia Commons Each […]

Standing Still For The Camera! Photos of Dead People!

During the Victorian Era, Photography had just begun as this new beautiful medium to capture life. But some trends of the 18th and 19th century are truly disturbing and morbid, despite their fascinating histories. People would often take pictures of their relatives after their death as a memorial. Wikimedia Commons Pictures of children made to […]

Do Men Dye Their Beard Red?!

  Beard hair has always been the prime source of good-looks for men. A guy who can rock facial hair is always eye-candy, but what about the color of their beard? You must have seen guys with a head full of brown or black hair, but their beard is slightly reddish. or is it Orange? […]

The Deadly Game That Could Kill Your Daughter!

Every little girls wants to be a fairy and if Disney isn’t enough to instill this image in the minds of young girls, there are multiple cartoons, games and stories that talk about Fairy Godmothers. This might seem like fun for most, but for these mothers in Russia this has turned into a nightmare. A […]

In Future Robots Will Steal CEO Jobs: Jack Ma Ali Baba’s CEO Warns

At an entrepreneur conference Jack Ma the chairman of the Alibaba group (in China), discussed about the future possibilities of robots and automation. According to him, AI’s could make our lives more painful in the coming times with fewer jobs. His suggestion, new reforms be considered to handle such situations. In the speech, he included […]

The Reasons Why Startups Fail

Having a degree in Software Engineering has made me well aware of how to proceed in a planned, measurable and possibly successful manner towards a goal which makes this post both relevant to why startups fail and exactly where does the breach in an otherwise beautiful strategy occur. The three major functional requirements for any […]