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Places You Must Visit This Summer

Yellowstone National Park, USA Yellowstone is probably the most popular national park in United States. This massive park is spread over three different states and it has a lot to offer. Yellowstone national park is so beautiful that you don’t want to miss it. Some of the most popular areas include Mammoth Hot Springs and […]

Will Apple iPhones Charge Via Wi-Fi In Future?

source: macrumors According to many different sources, it is believed that Apple is currently working on a technology that would allow the users to charge their devices using a Wi-Fi router. The great thing about this feature is that the users would be able to charge their phones from a very long distance. These days, […]

Iphone 8 is coming – Taking A Look At Concepts, Features and Design

source: youtube Charging Wirelessly The introduction of Air Pods by Apple was just a small step for the company to get rid of wire world. According to many different sources such as Bloomberg, it is believed that Apple is trying to implement wireless charging technology that would actually be featured in their upcoming models. source: […]

In Future Robots Will Steal CEO Jobs: Jack Ma Ali Baba’s CEO Warns

At an entrepreneur conference Jack Ma the chairman of the Alibaba group (in China), discussed about the future possibilities of robots and automation. According to him, AI’s could make our lives more painful in the coming times with fewer jobs. His suggestion, new reforms be considered to handle such situations. In the speech, he included […]

Size Matters: What to Expect Working at a Start-up

In this struggling economy where one may be forced to accept a position with any size business, understanding the differences inherent in working at a start-up, small, or large company sets expectations and diminishes frustration. Size does matter. Start-up Companies Working for a start-up company is sexy and exciting, filled with endless possibilities. The path is […]

Interview with Armez co-founder: Ramla Kaleem Shah

We recently did a feature on  Armez, a start-up that built laser tag in the lab of NEDUET, now deployed at Arena Multimedia Karachi and reached out to them for their comments. One of the start-up co-founders, Ms. Shah, was gracious enough to give us a detailed interview where we dug up Intel on how […]

ARMEZ- Girls leading Live-Action-Sports

The world of first-person shooting is divided into two very sordid scenarios: one is when glorious men use real bullets on the battlefield and the other is when boys plug in their X-boxes and play online. Well that was the case, now you can experience your favorite combat shooting games live without risking getting shot! […]