Cops Walked In And Saw A Chained Door. What Was Behind It Would Leave You In Tears

Cops Walked In And Saw A Chained Door. What Was Behind It Would Leave You In Tears

No matter where you live, you can always relate to some nosy neighbors. Throughout my life, I’ve learned one important fact – if there’s a secret or a lie, there would always be a neighbor or two to uncover it.

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It’s true that the majority of neighbors are just interested in the nosy gossips, some are actually concerned about the well being of the people living around them. This statement can easily relate to the incident that occurred some time ago. When Sue Hopper’s increasing concern over her neighbor reached its limit, she was able to uncover a disturbing truth about a terrible child abuse case.

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Sue Hopper from Michigan began suspecting that the couple living next door is involved in illegal activities such as drugs. However her real concern was their three year old daughter who has never been seen outside of their house. Sue had no other option than revealing her concerns to the police.

Sue told the police that recently there has been an increase in the traffic to the couple’s house. You can tell easily tell that this isn’t something normal. Sue felt that this is a warning sign and got the police involved.

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The mom named Karol Blanchard and her boyfriend John Munro admitted heavy use of marijuana for the last three days. They were immediately took into custody.

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When Child Protective Services (CPS) looked into this matter, they realized that the use of drugs was just half the story. The real heartbreaking twist came when they found the three year old old girl (all covered in bruises), held in a dark room behind the chained door.

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The policed asked Blanchard about this abusive behavior and she told them that it all started 12 hours ago. What seemed to be a small time drug story turned into a child abuse case.

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The couple has now been arrested with the charges of using drugs and child abuse. Bail for Blanchard (the mother) has been set at 500K dollars and for Munro at a million dollars, as he is considered to be the primary aggressor.

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All credits of uncovering this crime goes to Hopper who saved the child’s life by involving the Police and Child Protective Services.
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