Did You Hear About the Dino-Chick Embryo Scientists Created?

Did You Hear About the Dino-Chick Embryo Scientists Created?

Hail All Jurassic Park Fans! If you think dinosaurs were a tale of the past, you are mistaken. Yes the species went extinct about 65 million years ago and there is no way the can be resurrected or cloned (yet).

But some of the feathered descendants of dinosaurs are still running around. You would be surprised to know many bird species can be traced back to dinosaur species such as Tyrannosaurus rexes and Velociraptors.

Your everyday friendly-drumstick CHICKEN happens to be one of them!

Flickr / Thomas Vlerick

It’s hard to look at this and imagine they descend from some of the most vicious categories of animals ever, right? But that isn’t what should be keeping you up at night.

Scientists found out the cluster of genes that allowed chickens to grow beaks instead of snouts similar to dinosaurs and suppressed the proteins that gave chicken their beaks in the embryo.

YouTube / NewsBeat Social

The result was your cute-looking chicken now sporting the snouts and palates of a dinosaur!

                                                                        Twitter / BBC Earth

Scientists do not get points for aesthetics and these hybrids will not be alive for you to eat or keep as pets. But at least you now know where chickens come from and how far science has come when it comes to altering embryos and resurrecting dinosaurs (figuratively).

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