Having Trouble Motivating Yourself?

Having Trouble Motivating Yourself?

The word gets thrown around a lot and you must have read thousands of articles that place a lot of value in self-motivation. They are well-intended suggestions, but sometimes the basics of self-motivation gets overlooked by people. Perhaps, you need more actionable advice to feel that drive that lasts a lifetime and promises success. Here are five ways you can motivate yourself without putting yourself through any hardships whatsoever

  1. Write Down Your Goals- Grab a pen and paper, and start writing your short-term and long-term goals. You can paste it on your bedroom wall or your fridge, anywhere that becomes a significant reminder of where you are headed in life. Once you actually write down your goals, they will become concrete evidence of what you wish to achieve in life and be a constant motivating factor to work towards them. It works best if you come up with ideas as to how to achieve these goals, the resources you have and how to put them to good use. The more goals you achieve, the closer you get to crossing off that list the more motivated you will be to perform.
  2. Start Small- The sense of achievement and fulfillment you crave cannot come directly from one huge achievement. After all, nobody climbs the Mount Everest on a 2 day short notice. Once you start focusing on smaller goals and achieve them, you will get a morale boost and that joy and motivation will carry on to your bigger goals in life.
  3. Measure Your Progress- The biggest hurdle with motivation is time and as our perceived time of fulfillment gets delayed, we start losing motivation. To make sure that doesn’t happen, keep a record of all you have achieved and continuously seek out feedback. Know where you have taken a step forward and where you are stuck, this clarity of your process and success will give you the encouragement to take steps further in the same direction.
  4. Bask in Acknowledgement- We all need cheerleaders! Even the most successful sportsman have coaches and crowds cheering for them and they bask in that recognition. The biggest factor here is getting recognized for your hard work and your accomplishments. Surround yourself with people that acknowledge and support you, these could be your friends, parents, siblings or your mentors that make all the difference in the world.
  5. Reward yourself- Be your own number one supporter! It doesn’t matter where you stand in life, whether you are standing at the bottom or halfway through your struggles. It doesn’t matter which area of life you are talking about, you need to show yourself the compassion you wish others would show you. Whenever you take a step forward in life, make sure you acknowledge it in a positive manner. If it was a win, be content with your progress for today and if it was a loss make sure it is a lesson that sticks. There is a reason why trophies and medals are so successful, so make sure you set up your own rewarding system.
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