Meet your Friendly Neighborhood Gender-Less Alien!

Meet your Friendly Neighborhood Gender-Less Alien!


The modeling and fashion industry has always been a whirlwind of beautiful colors and gender-queer expressions. Men are striving to look more masculine and women are constantly aiming for more feminine features, or at least that’s we thought before non-binary and transgender folk took to the stage and ushered us into an incomprehensibly more beautiful and diverse world.

Speaking of diversity, are you sure humans are the only living species in the world? Do you believe in aliens? While none have landed on planet earth so far, we do have one individual who wants to be considered a “genderless extraterrestrial”.

Twenty-two-year-old Vinny Ohh hails from Los Angeles, California,  and is both a makeup artist and a model. He has had over 100 cosmetic procedures to fulfill his dream of looking exactly what he feels like inside.

His first surgical procedure was getting lip fillers when he was 17 and since then he has nose jobs, cheek fillers, brow bone fillers done. Ohh wishes to look like a hybrid, and takes great pride in being called a Martian. With pronounced cheekbones, a large head and black contact lenses he certainly fits the bill.

Ohh initially subscribed to the LGBT community but since then has shed all labels and claims to be genderless. He possesses a natural talent and beauty for modelling and has gained the attention of thousands of fans and followers.

With immense popularity, backlash and discrimination has also been at the forefront as Ohh faced sexual objectification and even had a cart thrown “Ohh’s” way. There are no boundaries on what anybody is allowed to do in order to be happy and fulfilled, and Ohh’s story is testament to what any of us can achieve.

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Rumaisa Ahmed
Rumaisa Ahmed

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