Overcome Your Fears- Be Your Own Boss

Overcome Your Fears- Be Your Own Boss

Chances are if you have decided to become a businessman, or have your own startup, people will cite the success/failure ratio in earnest to put you off this arduous journey of becoming a self-made entrepreneur. The problem is people don’t realize they are treating their fear of rejection or failure as the only deciding factor in their lives, and projecting these onto you. For your benefit and theirs too, you must comprehend and advocate how to overcome these fears and learn to live a wholesome, productive and opportunistic life.

The Boss/Employee Equivalence:

The Middle Class is often conflicted about which path to take with their prestigious degrees and ambitions, but a culture of working in offices dampening their aims to set up their own shop. The fact is people undermine what it takes to be a boss and misunderstand what being the head of a startup actually means. It requires more hard work, more passion, consistency and resilience than any typical job demands of you and yet it is more fulfilling. While as an employee you have the security of a specific income, as a boss you get to create your own revenue streams that can be endless.

Show Resilience:

A person does not fail unless he stops trying. This is true for all the tasks you will undertake in your life. You cannot treat failure as the proverbial evil that will destroy your life, you have to start looking to incorporate the lessons of these failures and become a better version of yourself as you progress in life. This resilience will dictate how people view you and your success.

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The Money Factor:

Most of the arguments around failure revolve around loss of money or inability to earn as much as you could in a good job. This is true, at least for the beginning, and you have to accept that but not before arguing what is the worth of money if you are living your life? What is the worth of intelligence, credentials and a job if you are not reaching your potential? Business is risky but once its booms, the exponential value is more than enough to compensate for the tough times in your life.

Make Ends Meet:

Yes, being a boss of your life does not mean you get to control your office. It means doing what you love in a substantial way so you can at least earn enough to provide for your basics.

Seek Happiness:

Everybody works, that is the way of life but that work should be directed at your passions, your desired skills and the kind of products that make you happy rather than filling the void of materialism in your life.


Never back down from a challenge, especially not due to fear of failure or rejection. It is in these adversities that people find their courage and build their character. If nothing else, always remember that the most successful people overcame their fears and sought to fulfill their dreams and passions. Failure in their eyes was not trying, not seeking fulfillment. And they overcame it by actively pursuing their dreams.

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