Will Apple iPhones Charge Via Wi-Fi In Future?

Will Apple iPhones Charge Via Wi-Fi In Future?

source: macrumors

According to many different sources, it is believed that Apple is currently working on a technology that would allow the users to charge their devices using a Wi-Fi router.

The great thing about this feature is that the users would be able to charge their phones from a very long distance. These days, Apple is trying to find a solution for transferring power to the devices over frequencies initially dedicated to data communications.

As this idea is just in its initial phase, we can’t say for sure if Apple would actually implement this technology or not.

Iphone 8 with wireless charging.

As we’re still waiting for Apple to implement the technology mentioned above, there have been a lot of buzz and reports claiming that this feature is supposed to be included in the upcoming iPhone 8 model.

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